Brunswick House in London wedding

12th August 2013

It is no secret that A: I adore quirky venues and thrive off them, B:I simply love my couples that let me in so I can tell their unique story, and this wedding is all those things and more.  Vic & Daf told me their amazing story about how they met after Vic sifted through pages of potential dates til she found the one, how she knew after a date that he was perfect, then they moved house and finally their rollercoaster journey with trying for a baby.  After failed IVF attempts they had been holding off planning a wedding thought oh well come on let’s get married and have a great wedding.  Well the thing is, it did all happen, Vic fell pregnant and their plans were well underway with the wedding but that did not stop them, it actually made their day even more precious.  The emotion behind their journey was all too plain to see, the love and support these two have from their incredible friends and family shone like a beaming light the whole day long.  It was an extra ordinary day; I had no idea that they were chums with movie stars!! {That awkward moment when you ask someone to move and realise it is actually Gemma Arteton!}.  It got worse, I thought the best man looked vaguely familiar, he was helping me with the group shots and I offered him a Saturday job as he was the best I had ever seen, imagine the awkward moment when I 20 minutes later the penny drops, he is Ioan Gruffud {aka Mr. Hollywood} yep that Hollywood star that is pretty busy with amazing movies to make!!! We did have a chuckle, but still if you are reading this Ioan there is a position always here for you.  So the most beautiful venue {even gives the Roost a run for their money} was filled to the brim with friends and family, bubbles and good times, even though it rained it kind of made it better at this venue.  I was lost for words LASSCO:Brunswick House is the bees knees I had a ball shooting there; it reflected both Vic & Daf to a T, totally quirky, classy and oozing bohemia.  As they sat down to dinner to the biggest clapping and cheering I have ever heard I said my goodbyes, I turned back and saw them a midst all their loved ones and it was one of those shots that will last with me forever.  Thanks so much Vic & Daf for letting me capture your day, your story is one full of hope and I know that you are going to make the most beautiful family.  Thanks so much for Jayne Sacco for being my second hand woman on the day we giggled so much til our cheeks hurt, thanks for all your support.