DIY backyard wedding in Yorkshire

27th February 2016

I literally don’t know where to start with this blog post.  I guess it started about 5 years ago when James was starting up as a wedding photographer and dropped me an email to say hi.  Fast forward a couple of years and many emails and conversations  I met Chief; James’ adorable Labrador.   James met Mouse, my lanky lurcher and then I met the beautiful Jo and there was the game changer!  Pretty much from that moment onwards I knew that this pair of beauts were destined to be together.   Jo proposed to James and I did not think anything or it until they emailed me asking for my brochure… I actually thought it was a joke!!! And assumed that he was humouring me.  Turned out it was legit!  With each email and phone call I started to understand their vision for the wedding; to be homegrown, natural and wild, crafted, simple, beautiful and firmly placing the importance of family right bang in the middle of it.  Central to the celebration is the new family that these guys were creating, Jo and her gorgeous sons Logan and Ash with James and Chief, and what better way to reflect this in the wedding to have the reception in James’ family home.  They achieved all of this in spades and so much more.  The day felt so personal and honest there was nothing formal about it, it was completely laid back, unscripted, and it felt like an adventure and reflected the journey and people that make up their story.  One of the brilliant bold moves was to have a moment before the ceremony to see each other which was so cute, the tears of joy and happiness just kicked the day off and set the tone for what was to come.  I can’t think of a more wonderful day to be part of right from before it actually began! These guys are life long friends; I love them hard, and so grateful that I captured this day for them.   I am so happy for them and I wished we lived closer so I can hang out and laugh like loons and drink gin till the sun came up.  This is only the beginning of a beautiful adventure that they are embarking on and with a mini Melia on the way my heart bursts for them.  Thank you so much for letting me do what I do and having me along for this crazy ride, and for the geeks this wedding was shot on no less than 8 cameras!  Between us we managed to break 3 of them!. Love you all; you crazy Melia family all 5 of you xx