Clerkenwell London wedding. Film & digital. East London Wedding Photography

16th August 2016

James & Lucy woke up in the Zetter hotel, got married and then gave everyone an oyster card to jump on the tube and head to the reception which was in their favourite cafe in Clerkenwell.  All of those elements are in themselves pretty darn cool and put together it is the ultimate wedding style.   But in essence all of that is totally irrelevant as more than ever the backdrop and the stuff is just the bit round the edges as it’s the people that is important, and this wedding was all about the people that occupied these wonderful spaces.  I say this a lot but seriously I get to know my couples and these two for over 2 years, it is more than just me turning up we are investing in each other and I love that, it allows me to shoot from another layer and become genuine friends and that is a wonderful thing.  So this wedding is my ultimate inside and out and these are my people.