The Asylum Chapel in Peckham followed by a reception in Brunswick House – Asylum Chapel Photographer

11th November 2016

I pause Leonard Cohen to write this blog post and it is so fitting…. The depth of Cohen’s work and the soul he pours into it is equal to Robin & Alissa marriage.  I really did witness a meeting of two souls coming together with real emotion on this day.  The Asylum in Peckham was where they openly exchanged their vows which they wrote for each other, tears of joy and relief were shed and the sun shone through the fragile colourful windows as they pledged to each other their hopes and dreams.  Bubbles in the crisp cold air followed by a really fun bus ride which took them to the eccentric Brunswick House for dinner and dancing.  Alissa and her best woman stood up to speak in addition to the normal speeches squad and it was inspiring and brilliant.  Great food and wine was consumed in abundance and then the dancing commenced… I still have goosebumps when I think back to this day for so many reasons, one moment stands out when Alissa took a couple of moments of quiet to centre herself before she left their flat to embark on the first steps of married life.  A wedding can often be fast paced yet this day had an abundance of calm which was really down to how Robin and Alissa are with each other; totally at home at peace.