New York Film Photographer

3rd December 2018

I took myself to NYC with a couple of cameras,my passport and a whole heap of courage in my back pocket. I walked miles and miles, made new friends, immersed myself in Art, Music, Culture, Theatre and coffee! I had no agenda and just had 6 days of freedom to go off and explore a new place whilst being open to new people and experiences.  I went to ‘The Moth‘ in Harlem and in terms of a human experience it is up their with dancing with a group of strangers in the woods at sunrise.  I went to the mind bending ‘Sleep no More’ and didn’t sleep much that night! WOW if you know, you know!  I looked at art for hours, wrote notes, people watched, got lost and lost again.  I listened to Maribou Stakes, The Strokes, Patti Smith and Nick Cave on repeat.  I read ‘Normal People‘, ‘About the Author’ and ‘What if this was enough. Essays’. I made new friends for life, I have now a NYC family to go back and visit, god the people I met were so so good and kind. It kind of sounds self indulgent when I read this back, but you know what I single handedly run a business with a small boy in tow and  I needed to breathe.    Whatever your circumstance I urge you to make that trip, preferably on your own… have the freedom to remind yourself what you love.  Disrupt  the rhythm of life an create your own script, the one that you get to write and then live it.  I am lucky to have travelled far and wide and had forgotten how liberating it is to get lost and follow your nose.  I am inspired to adventure more and have plans to buy a camper van and travel to Spain with Fox next year, you need to dream big right?  This is what I saw when I was there, just a handful of beautiful images that my faithful Diana camera captured.  I am not really a destination wedding photographer as it’s just never really happened for me like that, however if anyone wants me to head to the States then I am your girl, I wanna go back and experience more.  

New york wedding photographer
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