The in-between bits are also the bits. Getting amongst 2018!

17th December 2018

To categorise, organise and formalise, to put things in neat boxes and be logical is the opposite of the creative and curious mind.  This post features a whole heap of work, including film, digital, travel, personal, collaborations, dreams and feelings!  I believe that everything is inherently connected to another, whether it is a lyric from a song, the reflection of sunlight on the sea, the smell of the pavement after the rain and the decisive moment of creating an image. I am a photographer and this is my 25th year of being one!  My image making process is about being in a moment, a time, in a space, maybe with or without people and how I experience those elements to create something else.  I don’t pretend the process is smooth sailing, it is often full of doubt, failure, sh*t light, bad images and balancing the self and the subject is always a tricky line to tread.  Combining my head with my heart and my body as an integrated practitioner is a challenge and often this seeps into my ability to actually just press the shutter.  There is so much thought and equally none, there is so much of what I bring and often I find myself running from that very same thing.  It is full of contraction, it is contrary, yet I show up and continue to try and that has never failed me.  25 years of doing this, I have done nothing consistently for 25 years, bloody hell that is a quarter of a century, it is a milestone and yet I feel like I have only just begun.  This is the work outside of the other work… which is inside all the other work if you catch my drift.  My finger is hovering on putting the ‘out of office on’ but really I am never out of office.  I have one more real work to shoot and then the other work is always there to shoot.  I will do another post of the other work when I have calmed my 4 year old down and peeled him off the ceiling following his 10th bag of chocolate money on the other side of Christmas. Have a peaceful time, go easy,  this christmas malarky is a challenge for many, be gentle and if all else fails just turn up, as you are one foot in front of the other.  I’m not going to predict the future and say anything big about plans, for now all we have is here and it is enough.  Oh and before I forget 2 photos were taken by my 4 year old, see if you can guess which ones they are?