Best wedding photography of 2018 by Joanna Brown

21st January 2019

I had the pleasure of travelling to Scotland, France, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset, Kent, Shropshire and even shot here in Brighton and of course many times in my beloved London Town.  This is my 8th year as a wedding photographer and it always blows my mind to look back at all the stories I captured for my wonderful couples.  I have developed a way of working which is based on a exchange between my couples and I.  When my couples book me they are making a commitment to 100% trust me and I am making a commitment to them to be fully present, shooting instinctively from my heart and to see them as clear as clear can be.  Locations, environments, guests, each couple, types of camera, film stock, processing style, the story line, emotion, tempo and mood is ever changing.  I slip between all of those things, making choices, listening, observing, talking, seeking, syncing, absorbing, pressing a shutter as I go.  Every wedding is a wonderful adventure.  I watch stories unfold, witness raw emotion, see joy expressed and happiness shared, so so many connections which are precious and unique.  So for the 8th year, here are my best bits, and I can’t thank my couples and their family and friends enough for trusting me.  It is genuinely a complete honour to be welcomed into so many beautiful  celebrations, it still blows my mind that this is my job. Thanks for my 2018 gang you all touched my heart in so many ways x Not forgetting a massive shout out to Vikki who came along to help shoot mid summer at a wedding where we perfected the art of dancing to the sunsetting whilst shooting 🙂 love you doll.



Lovely collection. Thanks for sharing..

Your work has a lovely dreamlike quality to it. Some of those double exposure portraits at the beginning are really ethereal and so beautiful.

This is so beautiful! So many stunning frames. So distinctly you. You bossed it! Sending love Jx

This is sensational Jo! I love how you see light and frames, I genuinely felt looking through this as though I was there in the room, and I’m not sure I could give a bigger compliment than that! Bravo JB, bravo! x

I knew it, I knew this would be my fave as I completely love the way you see and shoot.

I’ve admired your work/art for a long time now and this cements why, no one quite shoots like you and every second of looking through this insane collection was just a joy to my eyes with lots’ of ‘oh man, ahhhhh, damn, that’s insane, oooh that edit’ that light, those feelings etc

You know the drill buddy and I hope one day our paths will cross Jo

Damian x

So much greatness! Your work has such an amazing and unique feel. Loved it!

Beautiful work as always Jo. I love your ethereal portraits the best – just lovely.

Every bloody frame….Honestly you are so talented. Every frame tells it’s own unique story. I just LOVE it!

Yikes thanks Emma; too kind. big love from us x

Such an amazing set of photographs Joanna! From the humour (like the guy on his hands and knees in the ceremony room), to the beautiful(fav being the bride and her dad walking down the staircase behind the bagpiper)….and everything in-between. All the best for this year!

Thanks so much Adam for taking the time to look through the blog, so many photos so little time, all the best for the coming year to you too .

Such a unique, varied, stylish and artistic eye for human emotion and aesthetic detail/ location. You are are truly a shining star in not only wedding photography or photography in general moreover you are a true artist.

Thanks so much David, we are so lucky that we get to shoot in amazing places with ace folk. Can’t wait to see more of your work this year too. Where is your round up ?

Love seeing your work Jo, it’s a breath of fresh air. Always so much variety but connected through it’s energy and colour which is distinctly yours.

Aw David, what a lovely thing to read about my work, sometimes I think it looks disconnected as the style varies, but I can see how energy and colour are the connecting factors, thank you as it is hard to see it when you are in it. Always love your work and take inspiration from you too.

Yeah…. Jo…. I have no words. So you, so honest, so exquisite. Smashed it my love.

Claudia! thank you, and back at you too.. bloody love this photography journey we are on xx can’t wait to see your round up. x

So good Jo 🙂 I love your double exposures, so distinctive. Beautiful tones throughout too, I really really enjoyed it

Thanks Sam, so glad you like my film work 🙂 Hope you have a smashing 2019!

I can recognise your photos in a heartbeat. They’re totally unique. You have such a knack for capturing mood and it makes your images so crazily cinematc and atmospheric. They’re so sensitively shot but with so much raw punch too. There are so many end of year rounds ups floating about at this time of year but I always know I’ll get such a different experience looking through your work.Amazing stuff, you should be so proud.

Mate… I love that you can read and see the contradictions in my work, you nailed it 🙂 thanks so much for all your love and support pushing me to be the best version of myself and never giving up when it gets tough. Proud to be your wife 🙂 love you xx

Believe in yourself Jo, you have so many gifts! The way you write, the way you shoot…just awesome… Love you and can’t wait to see you soon. XX

Ah thanks Debs for your kind words, can’t wait to hang out with you lot soon and toast health and happiness that is in store for 2019 xx Thanks for your continued support and cheerleading me and Fox appreciate it so very much.

Holy shit Jo!!! You are amazing woman! This is giving me A L L the feels! You are such an inspiration! Can’t wait to follow your beautiful work this year xx

Doll! Back at you my friend, you have always and continue to be a huge inspiration year after year. See you in Scotland I hope soon. Keep on keeping on and thanks for all your support it is much appreciated. xx

I love your eye Jo! You see and compose things in such a beautiful and unqiue way and your film work is just gorgeous. A brilliant year for you!!!

Ah thanks so much Mr Hope! It feels good to shoot both as they evoke such different moods. Thanks for all the support x

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