Asylum Chapel and Tanner & Co winter London wedding

13th March 2019

Storm Gareth is whipping its way through the country and trees are falling and waves rising, I have one eye on Twitter as the MPs reject no-deal Brexit and see that Teresa May is also falling too. Thank goodness for Neil Young softly soothing my ears, these are extraordinary times which we live in and it’s only Wednesday.  I know this is not directly relevant to the usual narrative I spin here; however, I can’t just compartmentalize my work from the world around me.  I have poured a glass of wine and pause and reflect before I turn to this tale of love.  We are all connected whether as man and wife, mother and child, friend and neighbour, student and teacher, stranger and lover… and it goes on, we all contribute, have a voice and there is always hope when we think of each other as a community and come together.  Life is messy so we must find the beauty when we can and pull strings of optimism together, these are uncertain times we live in; love is a good place to navigate it from and so here we go.  Andy & Michelle got married in late November in London, it was a damp day yet  it seemed to just suit ‘The Asylum’ where they exchanged their sweet words of love to each other by candlelight; it was beautiful and evocative.  Drinks on the bus were shared and spilled as they made their way into London for a reception at ‘Tanner & Co’ which was warm, cosy, and full of atmosphere where guests drank, ate and shared stories.  Speeches were heartfelt and of course Michelle spoke {I have about a 90% hit rate of brides speaking, my brides are strong women with voices that need and should be heard every day and absolutely even more so on the wedding day}. Michelle is a talented and very successful film maker which she played down all day and instead she spoke so fiercely about the love she has for Andy. Together they are belter of a team, giggling, caught up in love with that giddiness and affection so delicate, it was a joy to capture their love story.  Dancing kicked off and they let rip, these are the times to celebrate, they are never repeated and this gorgeous bunch had a lot to celebrate. Thanks so much for having me along Michelle & Andy you really touched my heart that day and beyond. Love wins!