I am fascinated with people and am genuinely curious; everybody and everything has a story, and this is what I am eager to uncover and relay in my work.


I have been searching for the poetry in the everyday lives of people and places with my camera now for almost 20 years.  It was whilst studying that I discovered I loved exploring, and that I saw the world differently to most. And that seeing it through a lens, and capturing what I saw on camera, gave these early magical adventures a canvas.


My work now reflects my adventures; from working as a studio assistant abroad, lecturing in photography & film and exhibiting my work in galleries in the UK, to facilitating community photography projects and now creating my own business.


I still get a tingle in my fingers as I capture a moment; it is an absolute privilege to be able to work creatively and document peoples lives and projects with my camera.

See inspiration in everything
We'll sit down and eat homemade tea and cake! x