black and white shot of bride and groom at wedding reception, captured by urban wedding photography specialist, Joanna Brown.

Choosing Film for Your Wedding…

I trained in film photography at University and have spent years honing my craft.  These days, I see shooting film as more relevant than ever in this fast moving digital age.  Call me an old romantic but, for me, film has a cinematic quality and depth to it like nothing else.  Film leaves you with a quiet nostalgia, evoking a gentler space.  A photograph is something to be held and experienced in your hand, as a print.  And because you can’t rattle off film shots they are perhaps the truest way to capture a decisive moment.

I can shoot your whole wedding on film or you can add it to your digital package.  Either way you will get to experience your images as beautiful prints.  If you like to see my creative wedding photography in film, then head over to my film portfolio.