Portrait shot of Joanna Brown whom specialises in artistic wedding photography

You and I both believe that love wins and imperfection is beautiful.

You.  You have travelled far and wide to arrive at this point in your life.  You have loved and lost and loved again and have a wonderful tribe right by your side, cheering you on everyday.  You don’t believe in having ‘the best day of your life’ and you don’t feel the pressure of one huge day.  Rather you see the value of connecting your journey; the before to the present to your future, a culmination of a lifetime of smaller everydays that make up the wedding day, and the foundation of your marriage.   I suspect you probably want to have a really good feast and a very good party to celebrate as well.

Me. I am curious and want to listen to your journey. I am a very experienced documentary London wedding photographer with 24 years of shooting behind – me having started at a very young age.  I am a mother, a friend, a sister, a daughter. I live and love with honesty and sensitivity and I don’t separate these qualities from my work.  In fact it is exactly this which informs my work and will bring alive your photos and make them beautiful.

Together.  By equally investing and getting to know each other, you will be able to trust me, let go and relax.  In return I will be able to see the subtle nuances and tender off beat moments that reveal themselves as the day passes, equally as important as the scripted ones.  As the wedding day evolves so too will the story, naturally, without the fussy interference you might have seen at other weddings… I will weave these smaller beautiful moments into an honest, joyful, atmospheric story.

Please get in touch through my contact page, prices start from £1750