I have to let you into a secret, James & Jo are very very good wedding photographers, I was beyond humbled when they asked me to capture their wedding; it really was an honour.  The joining of families really shone like a beacon of light throughout their day. Jo and her 2 boys joining with her darling heart James to make a new family was at its core, and then choosing to celebrate in James’s family home really hammered that family is at the heart of this marriage and so important for them all.  The laid back and unconventional rhythm of the day was wonderful, a sneaky first look where James got to see and hang out with Jo before the ceremony, to driving up on the moors and dancing to 7 inch records whilst growing in gin! I am not sure where it began or ended but it is still firmly in my heart, I can still feel how their day was… and I get goosebumps looking back at their story.


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16th March 2017

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