Michelle is a an amazing Film Director and Andy a big music guy! I knew that the wedding would be pretty special and I talked to them at lengths at how they visualised the day, their words were, we love what you do, just feel it and do your thing.  The wedding was in London in November on a rainy day but this just added to the ambience of the day…. yes the venues were beautiful spaces, but more importantly the excitement and atmosphere that shone out of them was more important…. Bring on the rain in London in low light… put on your coat and grab your husbands hand and go take a walk and kiss in the shadow of the Shard and go rejoin your guests and laugh and cry and party hard.  Also just to note Michelle also did a speech! I love my strong brides, kicking against the tradition of women just being seen and not heard at weddings! I salute you all.


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9th February 2017

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  1. Miss Mole's Flower Emporium

    This wedding moves me so much! I don’t know this lovely bride and groom but your images strangely make me feel part of it, like I am a guest! You are a true artist.


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